Positive Outlook for UK Forests in 2018

As specialist timber craftsmen, the future of our business depends on sustainable timber supplies. We are therefore delighted to hear that two significant tree planting schemes have recently gained approval in the UK.

European Forests


Despite growing demands on our land, Europe retains a high volume of forested areas. At present around 35% of Europe is filled with trees. Responsible forestry management has allowed these forests to be commercially viable, as well as environmentally beneficial. What’s more these areas of natural beauty have been increasing in size in recent decades.

In the UK, around 13% of the land* is covered with forest. For organisations like Confor, increasing this percentage and keeping developers at bay, are challenges worth fighting. Their efforts have paid off. After years of planning, presentations and paperwork, two new planting schemes have been given approval in the North.

UK Tree Planting Projects


The Lowther Estate in Cumbria now has the go-ahead to plant 210,000 trees across 170 hectares, whilst in Northumberland, 600,000 trees will be planted on a 354 hectare site. The Northumberland project represents the largest UK planting scheme in over a quarter of a century.

These two sites will be planted with a mix of conifer and native broadleaf species. The land will also include areas of open ground and managed habitats. The aim is to attract a wide range of flora and fauna. These woodlands will provide jobs for rural communities and in time they will also offer timber resources to support businesses like our and the wider UK economy.

Solid Wood Windows and Doors

As an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and sustainable construction material, natural timber is hard to beat. Hinson Custom Made work with this prize material to build bespoke, solid wood
windows, doors and staircases.

An extensive range of finishes can be applied to wooden windows and doors, yet we always
recommend those which showcase the natural grain and texture of the timber. These give each a unique quality, which instantly adds subtle character to a home.

If you are looking for custom made, wooden windows and door, please get in touch with HINSON to discuss your requirements on: 01908 516333, or complete our online form. We are based in Hanslope, Milton Keynes and all projects are carried out in our workshop.

*Source: Global Forest Resource Assessment 2015