Interior Design Trends for 2018

Home is a place where you can express your personality. Your choice of paint colour, furniture, pictures and accessories transforms a functional house into your home. Whilst the options are endless (and possibly because the options are endless), many people look to Pinterest and interior design magazines for inspiration.

Design Trends for 2018

Hand Crafted Materials

We’ve taken a good look at the predicted design trends for 2018 and are delighted to see that earthy, natural material and hand crafted items are forecast to be very much in vogue. Materials including brass, velvet, leather, natural stone and hand crafted wood will be coupled with warm tones to achieve cosy interiors. The skills of carpenters, leather workers, potters and other traditional crafts are again being appreciated. The organic aesthetic of these materials replaces the minimalist style that has been popular in recent years.

Hand crafted furniture and accessories provide an opportunity to add bespoke detailing that gives each interior a personal touch. In keeping with this idea, there is expected to be a move away from straight edges and smooth finishes, in favour of curves and texture. This starts at the entrance to your home, with a statement front door.

Colour Trends


Forget stark white, there’s now is a shift towards warmer colour tones, specifically violets and greens. From subtle lilac or sage tones, to rich and deep variations, these colours can add a much desired exotic spa feel to a bathroom, or a sense of opulence to a living room. If you aren’t ready to embrace these shades on your walls, consider adding plants (especially those with pattered foliage), picture frames, throws and lampshades that embrace the trend.

It’s also important to note that feature walls are being replaced by feature ceilings. It seems that sights have been set on the flat, white ceiling that we’ve long desired. If you want to make an impression, it’s time to look up and see the potential.

Built to Last

Handcrafted wooden doors, leatherwork and thrown pottery are far more than a trend, they are built to last. Our wooden doors can be crafted to your exact dimensions, with bespoke detailing and a range of finishes. Whether wooden front doors or bi-fold patio doors, HINSON Custom Made ensures that every item conforms to regulations, as well as meeting your expectations. If you are looking to add character to your home, our custom made wooden doors are a winning feature.