Wood Types..

There are two main groups of timber: hardwood and softwood. Each group has different species of tree associated with them, so for example Oak is a species of hardwood and Hemlock is a species of softwood. Choosing the correct timber species for your products is important, as each species has its own special properties.

A more in depth description of both Hardwoods and Softwoods can be found on this link:


With our years of experience we are able to make this decision easier for you.

The Timbers that we use are:   

Softwoods:- Redwood pine, Hemlock.

Hardwoods:- European Oak, Sapele, Iroko, Idigbo, Eucalyptus.

Engineered laminated timbers: Sapele Mahogany, European Oak, Grandis Eucalyptus. 

The benefits of engineered/laminated timbers

  • It's stronger: From it's multi-layer engineered construction.

  • It's more stable: Its not like solid timber that tends to distort as it absorbs or expels moisture as it encounters various temperature changes: hence it is less likely to shrink or swell after installation.

  • It creates less wastage: It eliminates defects and is clear of knots, splits and sapwood.

  • It's reliable: The construction ensures the quality is consistently maintained throughout.

  • It's 'greener': because it is 100% FSC certified, produces a much more efficient use of the logs.