Are Traditional Sash Windows Secure?

Security is a priority for any home owner. It’s important to protect our family and our possessions from unwanted attention.

There are many ways to help keep our homes secure. These include simple steps such as closing and locking windows before going out and not publicly announcing when you are off on holiday. It’s good to use key locks instead of leaving a key under a plant pot and to keep valuable items out of view.

With a little more investment, the installation of security lighting, house alarms and CCTV further heightens home security.

Robust Windows


Double Glazed windows are favoured for their energy efficient properties. They help to keep a home warm and greatly reduce the risk of internal condensation and damp. In addition, they offer enhanced security. When modern, lockable, double glazed windows are installed, the risk of your home being broken into is reduced. Your home insurance premium should reflect this.

Breaking a double glazed window isn’t impossible, but in many break-ins, the glass panels are
levered out of the frame and removed, rather than being smashed. If your windows are in good
condition, the task of removing a pane is far more challenging.

Sliding Sash Window Security

Traditional sliding sash windows use dual screws, sash locks and or sash stops, rather than the key locks that are found on modern uPVC windows. Do these offer the same level of security?


Well maintained timber sliding sash windows, with fully threaded bolt dual screws, offer a good level of security. This is compromised if lock, stops and screws are missing or damaged, but the biggest threat is seen when the windows no longer fit tightly together.

Exposed to the elements for many years, poorly maintained timber sliding sash windows can form gaps. This is often seen when windows have been over painted. The gap may be small, but it can be drafty, as well as a potential security risk. A small gap is all it takes to fit a crowbar or other lever into the frame and force the window apart.

Timber Sash Window Replacements

If your sliding sash windows are a cause for concern, you aren’t necessarily facing a costly bill for the full replacement of all windows. With a detailed inspection, sash window specialists, including HINSON Custom Made, can assess whether a repair is sufficient for improving the efficiency and security of your timber windows.

If a timber sash window is showing signs of rot, it is possible to replace the external sill, outer face and inner cheek (exactly matching the existing profile). In other cases, the main frame is in good condition and just the outer sash may need replacing. Sanding, minor repairs and professionally applied finishes could be all it takes to give your sliding sash windows a new lease of life.