Timber Windows and Doors in Biophilic Architecture

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Timber framed windows and wooden front doors are regaining status in contemporary architecture. Is this a short-lived trend or does it reflect a shift in attitude? Are environmental concerns and the desire for aesthetic beauty finally outweighing the draws of uPVC?

As skilled joiners, Hinson Custom Made has been creating bespoke wooden windows and doors since 1984. Until recent years, the restoration and replacement of timber-framed windows on historic properties have been our primary focus.

Our specialist skills are called upon when people are looking to restore the character of their period property by installing sliding sash windows. We’ve replaced small wooden casement windows for country cottages and restored large decorative windows in historic churches.

Work on modern properties has generally concentrated on conversions, where a barn or another character property is being adapted as a grand design project. We are now seeing a growing number of orders coming from architects working on new builds. Wooden windows are the popular choice for adding a mark of quality and boosting kerb appeal.

Biophilic Design

There is considerable evidence to show that incorporating plants, natural light and organic materials into an architectural design can enhance the wellbeing of the people that live and work in those buildings. This has encouraged architects to consider how to break down the divide and the results are referred to as biophilic design.

Timber-frame Windows and Wooden Front Doors


Biophilic design and architecture focus on building stronger connections between manmade and natural environments. The biophilic approach makes optimum use of natural light sources. It considers the potential views from the building and how these can be framed.

Narrow vertical or horizontal windows might suit the landscape or an expansive glazed sliding door could be required. When standard fittings fail to meet requirements, bespoke wooden windows can be created to achieve the desired effect. When the panorama is less than ideal, the eye can be drawn to a view up to the sky.

With biophilic design, the aim is to stimulate all of the senses. This is where the use of organic materials really comes into play, as they add texture and pattern to the environment. What could compete with the oiled natural grains on an oversized wooden front door? It is tactile, stunning and it immediately makes a bold statement.

Planting is a crucial element in the approach and we’re talking more than a pot plant on the window ledge. When planting is considered as part of the architecture, it can transform the sense of space and enhance the connection with nature.

A Future for Wooden Windows and Doors.

As urban areas continue to expand, biophilic architecture has never been more important. Combining the benefits that are gained from connecting with nature, with sustainability and aesthetic appeal, we foresee that the demand for our bespoke wooden windows and doors will continue to grow.

If you would like us to quote on timber framed windows and wooden doors for your architectural design, please get in touch with Hinson Custom Made on 01908 516333.