The Only Way is Up...Staircases

Your staircase; it can feel like you spend a lot of time dashing up and down it, but do you pay it much attention?

As a means of linking the spaces in a building, a staircase provides a largely functional role. With a bit of design flair, it can transform into a stunning focal point for your home.

The standard wooden staircase may not be in keeping with the style or period of your home. Does it appear small and insignificant in a large open space, or slightly overpowering in a smaller property? Maybe it simply lacks originality.

Updating an Existing Wooden Staircase


If your stairs are in good condition, a weekend spent sanding, cleaning and applying a fresh coat of varnish or paint could be sufficient. You could choose to combine a varnished wooden tread (the horizontal piece that you tread on) with a painted coloured riser (the vertical plank connecting the treads). Heritage colours are in trend for contemporary paintwork, but maybe bright and bold is more your style.

Another option is to fit carpet or a stair runner. If using carpet, it must be hardwearing to retain its appeal. The best quality carpets have high wool content and are more expensive, but you’ll get better value in the long run. Runners are suited to period properties, but be aware that the edges of your stairs will be visible, so they need to be in good condition.

Replacing Balustrades


Replacing the balusters and handrail can completely alter the look of your staircase. You could opt for carved wood, forged metal, glass or a combination of materials. The design can be contemporary or historic. A change of balustrade can open up the staircase to optimise light, or close in and conceal, so the stairs almost blend into the background.

Replacing the Staircase

To really get the look you desire, the best option is to invest in a custom made staircase. Made to measure and built to your exacting requirements, this is the way to make a lasting impression.

You might opt for a grand stair case, with a wide, flared feature tread at the bottom and intricate detailing. You may want to emulate the simplicity of shaker design, or incorporate glass into a wooden staircase for a light, contemporary finish. Changing to a spiral staircase could free up space. Another space saving idea is to incorporate shelving or storage into your staircase.

If you’d like to discuss wooden balustrades or replacement wooden staircases, Milton Keynes based Hinson Custom Made can help. As experienced craftsmen, our team can come to take detailed measurements of your space, before creating a bespoke wooden staircase to your requirements. We have proven techniques to ensure each piece is exactly to size.

We can incorporate forged metal, glass panels and other materials into the design and advise on timbers that offer the look you want to achieve. When the wooden staircase is crafted, we will finish it as requested and provide a full installation service.

If you are looking for a custom made wooden staircase for a new build, a style upgrade or a restoration project, get in touch with Hinson Custom Made.