The Preservation of Conservation Areas.

When searching for an ideal place to visit or even live, we’re often drawn to areas with distinct character. There’s certainly demand for homes with period features or towns full of architectural gems. Back in the 1960’s the rate of growth and development in towns and cities across the UK was escalating. Many people were concerned that the charming features of their town would be lost. Modern concrete structures were in favour and there were fears that these stark buildings would dwarf buildings of historic significance. In response, Conservation Legislation was introduced in 1967. The aim was to regain some control over urban redevelopment and offer protection to heritage buildings and areas of interest.

Maintaining Heritage Features

2017 marks 50 years of Conservation Areas and there are now around 9,300 across England. The appeal of these character properties makes them popular with home buyers, but the owner takes on responsibility for maintaining heritage features. Home improvements including the removal, replacement or alteration of windows and doors are more likely to require planning permission in conservation areas. Where changes were made prior to the legislation coming into force, owners can also be instructed to reinstate original features. Monitored by English Heritage, changes have to be in keeping with the original features of the property. Where possible, repairs are favoured over replacement. When a feature is beyond repair the reuse of original detailing, materials and fittings are encouraged and the replacement should closely replicate the original. In addition to meeting the stringent aesthetic requirements, it is essential that any work undertaken in a conservation area is completed to the highest quality standards.

Handcrafted Windows and Doors

HINSON hand crafts all solid wood doors, sliding sash windows and box sash windows. For this reason, it is possible for us to create exactly what you need in order to adhere with conservation legislation. We will match the size, shape, style and finish of windows and doors for your restoration project. We typically fit windows with double glazing, however we do offer single glazed windows when required. We can even create new window frames for existing glass panes, particularly when character glass is an integral heritage feature. HINSON solid wood doors can be hand crafted to be an exact replica of a historic door. We can incorporate original features including knockers or letterboxes and finish with approved stains or heritage paints. Get in touch with HINSON to discuss replacing windows and doors in conservation areas.