Solid Wood Doors from Sustainable Sources


European woodlands and forests have provided a valuable resource for centuries. The natural properties of timber have made it suitable for building ships, furniture making and construction. Unique grains and durability has also made wood an aesthetically pleasing choice for external doors and gates.

Sustainable Wood

Chopping down trees may be seen by some as a destructive activity; however the opposite can be true. Due to sustainable management, European forests have been steadily growing in size in recent decades, with the Environment Agency reporting an increase of 4million in the last 15 years.


When managed in a sustainable way, harvesting woodlands promotes new growth. It also encourages diversity in the species of plants and wildlife that can live within the woodlands and makes the land profitable. If woodlands and forests weren’t financially viable, many would be sold to developers for yet more housing.

The Environment Agency states that 13% of Britain is covered in woodland, with the highest volume being recorded in Scotland. It is important that this natural resource is properly managed, along with other woodlands across Europe.

If you are purchasing solid wood doors, gates or furniture, it is important that you ensure that the wood has come from a sustainable source. The easiest way to do this is to look for the FSC tree logo. If you are in direct contact with the maker, you can also ask them where their timber is sourced.


Hinson solid wood doors are only produced using sustainable sourced timber. We value the woodlands and respect the material that we work with. We also want to ensure that future generations can enjoy time in the woods or learn traditional craft skills including joinery.