Bookshelf / Hidden Door

One of our customers had a problem with his home. His house was over 200 years old with an extension that had been added in the 1960’s. To link the new to the old the decision was made by the customer to create a hidden door. 

Due to the walls being out of plumb, as expected in an old house, frame work had to be created for the shelving unit to be hinged from.  The  hundreds of years old oak beam above was in perfect position to act as a lintel to the bookshelf/doorway and a cover beam had to be made to match the existing. This Bookshelf / hidden door was constructed out of tulip wood (canary whitewood) which is a hardwood and perfect for internal furniture work. The base was set up inline with the 1st step of the small staircase behind it, and the skirting in front was made to match the original. The bookshelf was aged by denting then finished with bri-wax so that it matched the rest of the aged furniture in the house. The natural colour of Tulip wood is cream and green depending on the cut of timber . The difference in colour added character to the bookshelf once the Bri-wax was applied.