Custom made Doors for New Builds

Planning your dream home offers scope to step away from the standard design and layout that custom made doors can help with. Forget off-the-shelf, you are looking for bespoke features that reflect your personality. This starts with creating kerb appeal and a grand front entrance. It moves through internal doors and continues towards opening large bi-fold doors onto a landscaped garden.

As specialists in custom made doors, who apply traditional joinery skills, many people assume that we only work on period properties. The reality is that in recent years we have received more orders for made to measure internal doors, as well as external doors, for contemporary new builds.


Internal Doors for Open Plan Living

Modern homes have moved away from small, separate spaces in favour of open plan living. These spacious interiors bring people together and allow light to flood in. Where spaces are divided by a doorway, the scale of the room means that a standard door can look out of place.

Standard internal doors are 6’6” in height and 2’6” in width. Made to measure doors provide the answer for any other requirements.

Our bespoke doors can be created in any dimension. Popular choices for open plan living have included:

  • Extending the door height, to draw the eye up to high ceilings

  • Made to measure internal bifold doors, which optimise light

  • Wide, pocket doors that maximise the adaptability of the space

  • Oversized double doors which add a sense of grandeur as they are opened

  • Stylised doors which reflect other detailing in the design

Not all doors are rectangular. If your mezzanine demands a door in the eaves, you’ve made use of space below the stairs or you are echoing an exterior feature, less conventional shapes may be required.

For each project, we offer an initial consultation. Our aim is to fully understand your requirements, to discuss timber, finishes, glazing, accessories and installation. Our experienced team will also take precise measurements and all custom-made doors will follow these exacting requirements.

Non-standard fittings mean more than just unique sizes. We can produce panel doors, glazed doors, mouldings, finishes to match the flooring or a shaker style to match your shaker kitchen. Whether you chose natural wood, white paint or a dual colour combination, we will ensure that all made to measure internal doors are professionally crafted, primed, finished and installed. Then we will add accessories as the final detail.

Making a Statement with a Bespoke Hardwood Front Door

First impressions have a significant impact on our thoughts about a property. We make instinctive decisions about whether we like something, based on external appearance. For this reason, attention has to be paid to the driveway, façade and entrance. As such, any grand design needs a stylish wood front door.

The colour, grain and inherent character of timber have resulted in a growing interest in retaining the natural finish in hardwood front doors. Other customers prefer the simplicity of a white, grey or black finish. Would you prefer to attract the eye with a striking bold colour?

Our hardwood front doors are crafted from engineered wood. This material is stronger than solid oak doors and will not noticeably expand and contract in response to changes in moisture levels. It can look exactly like oak doors, but the performance is enhanced. The layers of timber used in engineered wood are without imperfections and this results in striking, stylish and secure external doors.

How Much do Wooden Fronts Door Cost?

As specialists in custom made front doors, every project is unique. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions, so we can't offer set pricing. When we come for an initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements for internal and external doors, answer your questions and then provide a quote.

You can be assured that we take considerable pride in our work and our reputation. All front door wood will be primed to give added protection from the elements and finished to your requirements. All bespoke doors are also made in full compliance with British Standards. We can, therefore, assure you that our made-to-measure front doors are energy efficient and secure and this is backed up by our guarantee.

Connecting the Interior and Exterior with Custom Bifold Doors

When it comes to glazed doors, sliding bi-folds are a highly desirable option. Coupled with a level floor and considered planting they can create an almost seamless transition from the home interior to the garden. This encourages everyone to step outside and use the garden like an additional room during the warmer months. Combining an open plan room and outdoor space is ideal for social gatherings.

We use the Henderson tracking system to build and install external bi-fold doors. Again, these comply with Building Standards and when it comes to glazing, we are CERTASS Approved. You can find details of this, along with our guarantees and terms & conditions on our About Us page.

Internal and External Doors from Hinson Custom Made

Established since 1984, Hinson Custom Made craft wooden windows, staircases and doors in our Milton Keynes workshop. We can provide the perfect solutions if you desire internal bifold doors, made-to-measure panel doors, internal doors, pocket doors or unusual sized or shaped fittings.

Our made to measure doors can include glass, will be finished to your exacting requirements, including hardware and accessories. If you would like to see recent examples of our internal and external doors, please follow us on Facebook. For further information, please call us on 01908 516333.