Keeping Warm – Insulating Windows and Front Doors

In Winter, keeping warm is a priority. If your windows and doors are ill-fitting, then cold drafts gets in, whilst warm air escapes. This makes it harder and more costly to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Small Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency


If the timing isn’t right for a replacement front door, there are a few steps to help keep your home warmer.

-The majority of front doors will include a letterbox and keyhole. These are essential for gaining access and receiving post, but they also form gaps in the door which can let drafts in. Fitting a keyhole cover and internal letterbox flap is a simple step to reduce the issue.

-If windows and doors aren’t well fitted, then applying an insulating foam strip can be an effective way of filling the gaps. You can also look at draft excluders for the base on front doors.

-It is beneficial to let in the light on bright, sunny days, even if it’s cold. As soon as the sun drops, you can help to retain heat by shutting the blinds or closing the curtains. If you feel there’s a need, curtains can also be fitted behind the front door.

Replacement Windows and Doors

When it is time to replace your windows and doors you’ll have the choice between uPVC, aluminium or timber. All modern windows and front doors have to comply with building regulations, which include energy efficiency.

Solid Wood Front Doors

We all know that timber is a natural material, which can expand in moist conditions and shrink as it dries. Some people are therefore put off by the potential issue of a wooden door which can either stick or create gaps as it contracts. This is one reason why joinery specialists, Hinson Custom Made, craft wooden front doors from engineered hardwood.


Engineered wood comprises of layers of top quality timber, which is layered together to form a strong and stable material. You are benefitting from the aesthetic appearance and desirability of a solid wood front door, but without the compromises.

We finish all wooden front doors with a protective coating, along with providing the assurance of a guarantee. Another important aspect is the installation. Hinson Custom Made has an experienced team, who ensure that all window and doors are fitted professionally.

Hand-crafted Wooden Front Doors


As each wooden window and door is individually hand crafted in our Milton Keynes workshop, we can also create the perfect fit for non-standard openings. From small cottage windows to a large wooden front door for a grand entrance, we take accurate measurements and craft to size.

Equally, if you would like specific style to suit the period of your property or replicate an existing door, we have the skills to deliver bespoke detailing.

If replacement windows and doors is a priority for your home this year, get in touch with Hinson Custom Made on 01908 516333. We’re happy to answer your questions and can arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss your requirements.