Bespoke Wooden Windows for Churches & Homes

Magnificent in both scale and detail, the majority of church windows are an impressive sight. Whether filled with stained glass or plain glazing, the shape of the window frame is often intricate and it makes quite an impression as natural light floods into the building.

Bespoke Window Design

When damage, renovation or the need to improve energy efficiency deems it time to replace such a grand feature, you need specialist skills. When working to renovate, replicate and replace bespoke wooden windows, the team need to work to a brief set by church wardens, architects, local councils and historical preservation groups. All will be intent on achieving integrity.

Church windows are far from standard, so each opening has to be carefully measured before work can begin. With sweeping arcs and intricate frames within the main frame, it takes patience and mathematical calculations to ensure that angles and panels are the perfect fit.

arch door .jpg

The team working to recreate the wooden frames has to draw on experienced craftsmanship in order to deliver a high-quality finish. This applies to expert handling of tools to create specific detailing, as well as ensuring perfectly-matching timber is used and the right finishes are applied. You want an eye-catching end result, not an eyesore.

The bespoke window designers may be fitting plain glass. Alternatively, they could be working in collaboration with stained glass specialists to create the perfect finish for a colourful illumination.

The Queen’s Window

dave window.jpg

In September 2018, David Hockney’s design for The Queen’s Window was officially unveiled in Westminster Abbey. Rather than a religious interpretation, the style is a bright and abstract reflection of The Queen’s love of nature.

The Dean of Westminster Abbey selected the design as it offered a bold and impressive celebration of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. To create the window, Lamberts Glass in Bavaria was called upon to supply the vibrant colours. These were sent to Barley Studio, a specialist in stained glass design, based in York, where the window panels were constructed.

Visitors to Westminster Abbey are now casting their judgement. Does this impressive stained glass window deserve to be added to the list of ‘must see’ stained glass? Will it be regarded with the same respect as Marc Chagall stained glass windows in Zurich or Tiffany designs in both Boston and Savannah in the United States?

Replacing Traditional Windows

The same care and attention needed for church renovations is also important when replacing windows in any period property. With experience in creating timber-framed windows for Grade I and II listed buildings, Hinson Custom Made is a trusted team. Our experience in creating weighted sliding sash and flush casement single glazed windows has been essential for meeting the stringent requirements for listed buildings and conservation areas. Operating from our workshop in North Buckinghamshire, you can speak to us about your bespoke window requirements, by calling 01908 516333. You’ll discover a family business, established in 1984, with a passion for applying professional craft skills and workmanship.