Which is the Best Solid Front Door?

The solid front door of our home plays a number of roles. Along with your front garden, it can enhance the character of your property and give the perfect first impression. In addition to aesthetic properties, a solid front door should also be functional. It needs to enhance safety and reduce heat loss. Within the UK, the main options are a Composite, UPVC, Aluminium and Wooden front doors, so which are recommended?

Best External Doors for Security and Energy Efficiency

When you are looking to replace a front door, you want to be sure that your choice is both secure and energy-efficient. The great news is that all new front doors have to comply with a number of British Standards. These include the BS3621 thief resistant locks, which you may have come across on your home insurance paperwork.

The standards for front doors cover its operation, strength and weather resistance. They also include building hardware, such as handles and hinges, as well as glazed doors.

With standards in place, there is no fear that you will compromise security or energy efficiency when selecting your ideal front door. However, no matter which new front door you select, it is worth paying for professional installation services to ensure it is properly fitted.

The exception is if you chose to fit a second-hand or reclaimed front door. These external doors may not meet current standards.

Best Front Doors for Low Maintenance

Composite doors have been designed to be incredibly low maintenance. They retain colour without fading or needing to be repainted and can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust or mud.

In contrast, timber doors have a reputation for being high maintenance. If you are keen to have a solid wood front door, there is good news. Many solid wood front doors are now manufactured from engineered wood. This eliminates the issues associated with warping, expansion and contraction that was an issue with traditional wooden front doors.

When treated with a protective coating and professionally finished, engineered wood retains a smart appearance and the need for regular maintenance is greatly reduced.

Best External Doors for Value

UPVC doors are generally the cheapest option and this has made them a popular choice in homes across the UK. Although ideal for those with a limited budget, it isn’t possible to repair UPVC doors. They are usually guaranteed for 10 years and with a little care can last up to 30 years.

In contrast, a wooden front door cost a lot more. Having said this, they can be sanded and repainted to remain in keeping with current colour trends. They can also be repaired if necessary. At Hinson Custom Made, our hardwood doors guarantee is for 35 years and with a little care can last a century or more. We suggest that delivers better long term value.

Considering Environmental Impact


Replacing draughty external doors is an effective way to reduce your environmental impact. It helps to keep heat inside, reducing energy use and bills.

Of all the materials used on doors, aluminium is probably the most environmentally friendly. It is strong and resilient and long-lasting. When aluminium doors are removed, the metal can be recycled.

Wooden front doors, where the timber comes from certified sustainable sources also has strong environmental credentials. More trees are planted than felled and again, the wood can be reclaimed and or recycled at the end of use. Engineered wood has also helped to reduce waste whilst increasing quality standards.

Best External Doors for Aesthetics

You will find that many aluminium and composite doors are offered with a ‘wood grain’ effect finish. This is a clear indicator that the most desirable option for homeowners is a wooden front door. Why go for a replica, when you can have the real thing?

Installing wooden front doors adds a stylish quality to your property. The style can range from traditional cottage doors for period properties, to contemporary wooden front doors for stylish new builds. The wood can be finished in a variety of ways, from a rich colour to enhancing the natural grain.

Custom Wood Front Doors

We may be biased, but in our opinion, nothing beats the durable quality, desirable appearance and reliable performance of a solid wood front door. If you are looking to replicate an existing style or have anything other than a standard-sized entrance, we craft bespoke doors for the perfect fit. Our joinery skills can also be applied to internal doors, french doors, made-to-measure staircases and traditional sliding sash windows.

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