Optimising Space with Custom Made Doors

Even with the popularity of open plan living, there is a desire to keep certain spaces in the home private. A door allows us to shut out noise, light and other distractions and escape into a cosy sanctuary. What’s more, if we’re honest we’ve all needed to shut a cupboard door before visitors arrive. It’s the only way to hide the clutter! Being able to isolate one room also allows us to be efficient with heating; just keeping one room warm is far more cost effective for many homeowners.

Doors to Optimise Space and Light


Whilst completely removing a door might be the ideal way to create a light, open interior, this isn’t always practical. Including glass panels in custom made doors could offer a viable solution if light is the issue. If a standard door imposes too far into the room, there are a number of alternatives including:

 A vertical split door

 A bi-fold door

 A sliding door

It may be the case that replacing external doors, with bi-folding doors or double doors could dramatically increase the volume of light that entered the space.

Quirky Doors

Every now and then, we get a request for an unusual custom made door. A great example was the hidden door. Designed to look exactly like a bookcase on one side, most visitors would never know that there was an entrance to another room. Would you be intrigued by a large door with a smaller child’s door cut out of it, or stylised carving to give your door added character?

No matter what your requirements, Hinson will take time to understand what you need and advise on the most suitable options; just contact us.