When is it Time to Replace Wooden Windows?

High quality, professionally fitted and well maintained wooden windows can out-perform the competition, with many lasting decades. At some point the signs of wear and tear will become visible and you’ll need to decide on the best option.

Revive, Repair or Replace Wooden Windows

The first step is to have a thorough look at all of your timber window frames. This will help to diagnose the level of wear and help you to decide on the appropriate course of action.

Remove Cracked Paint from Wooden Windows

Even with specialist products, frames are exposed to a range of weather conditions and this causes the paint to deteriorate. Removing the loose paint and sanding the wood is an essential part of the preparation for repainting. This will also reveal whether the wood is strong and rigid. If so, this is a cosmetic job that will revive the wooden window panes.

If removing the paint layer reveals some signs of damage, or rot, it’s important to establish the scale of the problem. Small patches of rot (causing the timber to become soft and spongy) can be carefully removed, filled and finished. Equally other minor issues can be repaired to give your timber window frames a fresh lease of life.

If there are more significant areas of damage, it is advised that you consider investing in replacements. A wooden window specialist, like Hinson Custom Made can undertake a site visit, assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

Improved Energy Efficiency with Replacement Windows


Another reason that people consider replacing wooden windows is to better insulate their home. Wood is a natural insulator, but if the existing windows are drafty, then replacement windows will improve energy efficiency and contribute to reducing utility bills.

Common energy efficiency issues with older wooden windows include:


If layers of paint have been applied over the years, the windows may not fit as effectively as when they were first installed. Small gaps will allow heat to escape and cause a draft.

Warping wood

Some windows are made with soft woods, which are less resilient to the impact of weathering. Equally, if the windows have been neglected for years, moisture can result in warped frames. This can make windows harder to open and close, as well as leaving gaps.

Foggy Panes

This issue can occur in any type of double or triple glazed window. A fault in the seal allows condensation to get trapped between the panes of glass. This reduces the energy efficiency of the window as well as impacting on the look.

Damaged Seals

In some cases, removing and replacing the seal can be effective in improving the energy efficiency. This may not bring the full benefits of replacement windows, but it may be an adequate, temporary solution.

Update the Style of Your Home with Replacement Windows

Many home owners decide to install replacement windows as part of a wider renovation project. Some choose to reinstall period features, such as sliding sash windows to recreate the original look of the property.

With a range of finish options, replacement wooden windows can also bring the style of your home bang up to date. A popular option in recent years has been frames painted in anthracite grey.

Equally, with a move away from plastic, towards natural and sustainable materials, wooden windows have come back in favour. This is complemented by the aesthetic appeal that wooden frames offer, which can have a positive impact on the resale value of the property.

Bespoke Wooden Windows


Whether you are looking to repair or replace your wooden windows, Milton Keynes based HINSON Custom Made has the expertise to provide a comprehensive, personal service. We are on hand to provide initial advice and quotes, through to crafting and installing bespoke wooden windows. 



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