The Differences Between Engineered Wood & Solid Wood Doors

At HINSON Custom Made, we use high quality engineered wood to create front doors. We’d like to explain why this offers our customers the best value and performance.

Solid Wood Front Doors

The aesthetic appeal of natural wood grain, combined with the sturdy and insulating quality of timber make solid wood front doors highly desirable. They offer an elegance finish and can be shaped and finished in a variety of ways to perfectly complement any property.

A traditional solid wood front door is constructed from a single piece of timber. This is a natural product and when the wood is machined into shape, small defects, such as knots become evident.

Some customers like the detail these offer, but as they release resin, knots can be more challenging to paint and maintain. If the timber proves unfit for purpose, the process has to begin again. This can be time consuming and, although the wood can be recycled, wasteful.

The other issue with using a natural hardwood is that it takes time to fully season and even then, the wood can expand and contract depending on temperature and humidity. After a wet spell, you may notice that a solid wood front door can swell and stick.

Engineered Wood Front Doors

Engineered wood is formed by compressed, laminated layers of solid wood. In a premier product, such as that which we use, each hardwood layer is selected because it is defect free. This results in the same appearance as a traditional solid wood door, yet without imperfections, an engineered door is easier to paint and maintain.


In engineered wood, the hardwood is built up in alternating vertical layers. This provides a stronger and more stable structure. As a result, expansion and contraction is minimised in the finished door. The stability also helps to optimise thermal performance.

Each layer takes less time to season and prepare than a block of solid wood. This reduces the time involved in creating a wooden front door. What’s more, there is 25% less waste when engineered wood is used, which heightens the environmental benefits. 

Great Value Wooden Front Doors

In Summary, engineered wood is in many ways a superior product. The performance, durability and overall value are greater than solid wood, with no compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. This is why we opt for this material for all front doors.

HINSON Custom Made is happy to provide samples of engineered wood, to help you gain an understanding of, and confidence in, this robust material. Each door is crafted to exacting standards with dimensions and detailing to suit your home.

Be assured, we only use certified timbers from renewable sources and know that engineered wood is an environmentally responsible product.

If you have any questions regarding our wooden front doors or would like us to come and quote for replacing your existing door, please get in touch with HINSON Custom Made on: 01908 516333.