Increasing the Value of your Period Home

Milton Keynes and the South East are witnessing construction on a momentous scale. New
developments are being built on every available pocket of land. These homes are fitted out to suit modern tastes. Rooms are light and airy and the properties include stylish bathrooms and
contemporary kitchens.

These homes appeal to many, however there remains a significant proportion of buyers who desire the character of a period property. An older building is likely to demand more time and attention, but if you are willing to put the work in, you can create a unique and charming home.

Adding Value to a Period Home

When you invest in a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian home, your surveyor will highlight the top priorities that need your attention. Getting the building structurally sound is vital. When it comes to fittings, features and decoration, your decisions can impact on the allure and the value of your home. What will really make an impact?

A Wooden Front Door for Curb Appeal


Attention to the front entrance is essential for making a great first impression. Period properties are at their best when a visitor is greeted at a wooden front door. Whether you opt for a traditional style, or work with a joiner to create a custom made front door, you can be guaranteed to boost the Curb appeal of your property.

A wooden front door should either be finished in a heritage colour, or a protective finish that
showcases the natural grain of the wood. Also consider the door fixtures. An iron monger or a
reclamation yard may provide you with an original letterbox, door knob, knocker and house number to complete the look of your custom made front door.

Restore Sash or Casement Windows

If your period property has original sash or casement windows, don’t be tempted to replace them with uPVC. Expert repairs and renovations will retain the attractive appearance, whilst enhancing the performance and longevity of your windows.

Heart Warming Heating

Period fireplaces and mantles, wood burners and free-standing radiators; they help to keep your home cosy, whilst also being key features in your interior design. Replica and reconditioned models are widely available, but if you prefer a project, a good reclamation yard could offer just the item you are looking for.

Tempting Tiling


Wall and floor tiles were a defining element in many period properties. By selecting a style that fits with the age of your home, you can use tiles for striking effect. A classic look is a geometric black and white tiled pathway to your wooden front door. In addition to bathroom and kitchen tiles, consider selecting a fireplace which incorporates tiles. If you are really fortunate, you may lift the carpet in the hallway and discover the original tiled floor is still in place!

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

A well designed kitchen and bathroom can add value to any property. By adding a few carefully selected period items and opting for traditional colours, you can vamp up these spaces without completely blowing the budget.

In Summary

To add value to a period property:

- Pay attention to external and internal features
- Be selective and true to the period of the property
- Explore renovation and reclamation options
- Custom made features give you exactly what you are looking for

HINSON Custom Made is a specialist in custom made wooden front doors and replacement sash windows. All work is undertaken in our Milton Keynes workshop, by highly experienced craftsmen. If we can help you create your dream home, get in touch on: 01908 516333