Consider these Points when Re-painting a Wooden Front Door

One of the great advantages of a timber front door is that there is scope to update the look with a change of colour. As the focal point of your home, a front door revamp can pay dividends. It can instantly improve the kerb appeal and potential value of your property.

Favourable Conditions for Repainting a Front Door


If you are keen to repaint your wooden front door, the first step is to keep an eye on the forecast. Allowing time for preparation, painting and drying, you need two days of dry weather, free from any extremes in temperature.

Materials for Preparing the Timber Door for Painting

As with any DIY task, good preparation is essential. It is important that the door and door frame is cleaned, sanded, cleaned again and allowed to air dry. For cleaning, a mild liquid detergent may be sufficient, but depending on the condition of your wooden front door, a fungicidal wash might be advisable. For sanding, you might opt for a sander or sandpaper blocks. Either way, use fine 220grit sandpaper to prevent damaging the wood.

The cleaning and sanding process may seem laborious, but it ensures that you have a smooth, clean surface for the paint to adhere to. Be sure to wear a face dust mask and eye protection when sanding.

Additional Preparation

In addition to cleaning and sanding, it is advisable to remove hardware such as the letterbox, door handles, knockers and numbers of possible. This will make it easier to paint, as there will be fewer fiddly bits. A rub with metal cleaner and a soft cloth can help restore their former glory. Alternatively, this is the ideal time to consider new hardware to update the look.


Any areas around the door frame, including glazed panels, flooring, walls and front door steps need to be taped off and or covered. This will protect them from any paint splashes, as well as aiding you in achieving a neat finish. If you have space and the confidence to rehang the wooden front door, it can be advisable to remove it from its frame. Laying the door flat can make it easier to reach and view all areas. This supports an even, high-quality finish.

Painting a Wooden Front Door

There are superior quality paints which negate the need for primer, however, the next step is typically to apply two coats of exterior wood primer. This provides a smooth and even base layer, which makes it easier to apply the paint. It also helps to seal the wooden door, preventing potential issues such as the staining caused when natural oils bleed from the wood grain.

When the primer has dried, you are ready for the real transformation. The application of your chosen exterior wood paint colour can be made with a brush, roller or paint sprayer. In any case, it is better not to over-apply, as this can cause the paint to run and drip. Applying a number of thin layers will result in the best finish. Primer and paint layers should be applied out of direct sunlight and each layer should be given adequate time to dry before starting on the next coat. Whilst it may be tempting to get the job done, a little patience will lead to long-lasting, quality results.

Revealing your Repainted Wooden Front Door

When the final coat has had sufficient time to dry, you can begin removing the surrounding tape and covers. The new or reconditioned hardware can be screwed into place and if required, the door can be rehung. Have a good look to see if there are any areas that need a final touch up. Now step back and enjoy the results of all your efforts; your repainted wooden front door in all its glory!

Replacement Hardwood Front Doors


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