Sliding Doors: Step into Another World

Scientific evidence suggests that humans thrive when they are in contact with nature. Even a view of a garden or park can boost our positivity and productivity, but getting outside is of greatest benefit.


It seems we have an in-built affinity with nature. Spending time in our backyard, the woods or countryside provides us with an opportunity to relax and recharge. The colours and forms of nature have a calming effect. Our breathing slows down, our blood pressure drops and our energy is restored.

Whilst it can be a challenge to fit a country walk into our daily routine, this understanding can inform the design of home and office interiors. Biophilic design considers how materials, form, layout and planting can be effectively used to enhance well being. The main components are:


- Using natural materials
- Including natural shapes and forms in design
- Optimising daylight and external views
- Using natural ventilation
- Incorporating indoor planting that draws the eye to outdoor landscaping

Wooden Bi-Fold Doors

Wooden Bi-fold Doors are an ideal feature in biophilic design. For a start, they are made from
natural timber. The look of the grain, along with the feel and smell brings you a step closer to nature. With large glass panes, wooden bi-fold doors certainly optimise daylight and provide a much welcomed view.


Wooden bi-fold doors can be part opened to let fresh air in, or as sliding doors, they can easily be pushed aside for a seamless connection to the outside space. They make it easy to step outside, even for a short while. Just take a moment to feel the sun on your face, see colourful flowers and take a deep breath of fresh air. It has such restorative powers.

This is unlikely to be the time of year when you are considering lots of time outdoors. As such installation of wooden bi-fold doors may not be a priority. Having said this, winter installation means you will get maximum benefit when the warm spring and summer days return.

Based in Hanslope near Milton Keynes, Hinson Custom Made is a specialists in the manufacturers of wooden doors. We combine traditional carpentry skills with modern technology to provide thermally efficient, secure and highly desirable solutions.

We use the Henderson Tracking Systems on all bi-fold doors, as these provide effortless opening and closing. You will also benefit from our made to measure service and a range of finish options, giving you the look you seek.

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