Spiral Staircases: Inspired by Nature


Like so many great design concepts, the spiral staircase has been inspired by nature.
Spirals are found in many natural forms, from snail shells and ferns, to hurricanes and our Milky Way galaxy. We find a spiral on the crown of our head and see a spiral as water drains down the plug. As with many organic forms, there is a natural beauty in the simplicity of the spiral shape. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also serves a practical purpose. In nature the spiral often follows the Principle of Parsimony; a means of behaving in the most economical way. This principle also applies to the use of spiral staircases; they use the least amount of space to create a means of safely moving between one floor and another. In some buildings, such the Phare des Baleineaux, Ile de Re, France, a spiral staircase is the only viable means of scaling the heights. In others such as the Vatican Museum, a grand spiral staircase is used as an impressive design feature.

Well Known Spiral Staircases.


In addition to the two mentioned above, there are many other public buildings where you can climb a spiral staircase. These include the Loretto Chapel in New Mexico, The Melk Abbey Library in Austria Casa Batllo in Barcelona and Heals department store in London.
As the effort to climb is often rewarded with a great view of both the staircase and the surrounding area, you may want to seek out and scale the heights of a spiral staircase in a church tower, lighthouse or castle on your next holiday destination.





Creating a Wooden Spiral Staircase.

A wooden spiral staircase will allow you to create a stunning feature, or optimize on space, Hinson Custom Made has the expertise to handcraft the perfect fit. Our process begins with a visit to your property to view and measure the space. This will enable us to create a pattern with exacting dimensions. When it comes to wooden spiral staircases, we build a
false wall in our Milton Keynes workshop to ensure that everything is made to measure.
Our expert craftsmen can work in hard and soft woods and apply a finish of your choice. We can also incorporate metal or glass attachments in order to achieve the look you desire.
If you’ve been inspired by nature or architecture, the established team at Hinson Custom Made,
Milton Keynes have the expertise to bring your dreams of a wooden spiral staircase to life.